One year of reading contest
Article mis en ligne le 30 juin 2014
dernière modification le 26 octobre 2014

par Ann-Katherine Diebold

Tout au long de cette année scolaire les élèves de 3ème EURO anglais ont participé a un défi lecture avec les 3ème EURO anglais du Collège du Kochesberg à Truchtersheim. Ce partenariat a ainsi permis à cette petite cinquantaine d’élèves de lire 3 œuvres issues de la culture anglophone : "Matilda" de R. Dahl, "the Wizard of OZ" et "Oliver Twist" de C. Dickens. Mais cela leur aura également donné l’occasion d’aller à la rencontre d’autres collégiens et d’échanger sur leur parcours scolaire.
Voici donc une année d’échange revisitée par les élèves.

An afternoon with our penpals

On Friday 18th October, the Euro Section Class took the bus and went to Truchtersheim to meet their pen pals. We were so lucky as the weather was perfect for games in the park that is just next to their College.
When we arrived, we spoke with our correspondents and the teachers made three groups. After a little walk, we made some little games like :
  Line up from the smallest to the biggest
  Line up from the oldest to the youngest
  A little quiz with questions about general culture
After these first games, we made another game. We made a circle and the professor explained what we had to make. We had to say all numbers from 1 and when there was a 3 in the number we had to say “bip” and when there was a 7 in the number we had to say “flop”. This was very funny.
Then, the best team won candies.
But after that we made little groups and we had to improvise choreography with a tong twister ; it’s a little sentence, very complicated to say. Afterwards, every group had to present its work to the others.
Finally, we took an afternoon snack and we said good bye to our pen pals but it would not be a farewell because we would meet again for the reading contest !

By Isaure, Marion and Nitaya