Article mis en ligne le 20 janvier 2016
dernière modification le 15 juin 2016

par Ann-Katherine Diebold

Keep calm and read English.

The class of 3e2 and 3e3 studied the story of Frankenstein in class and read a modern adapted version of it.
At first they didn’t like the idea of reading a book and... in English, but in the end they liked it.
On December 18th, a reading contest was organised. The groups were mixed up and the pupils had fun trying to answer the questions they had made up.
All the groups tried hard to win the first prize and on Tuesday, 4th January, M. Lambry, Mrs. Moreau and Diebold gave the resultes and the prizes....
The winners were Laura Petit, Pélagie Bernhardt,Tristan Schall and Emil Riehl.
The 2nd group was : Charline Fritsch, Missy Eryn, Léo Christoph, Thomas Hanquiez et Lucas Dallest
The 3rd group was : Gauthier Debes, Rémy Denay, Axel Bouaza, Manon Todorovic et Anaïs Herrmann.

They all received a little treat to eat.....

Thank you all for playing by the rules and..... reading in English can be fun !