Our American Assistant
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dernière modification le 22 mai 2014

par Jennifer Luscher

Hello !
We are the 4°5 and we interviewed the American assistant who came in our class.

Her name is Elisabeth. She is 22 years old. She was born and she grew up in Owensboro, it’s a little town in Kentucky. It’s in middle of the U.S.A, to the east. Elisabeth has a younger sister. She is 18 years old. Elisabeth isn’t married. She’s also an assistant in Lycee Pontonnier. She studies literature and psychology. She is a good student. She runs a lot and she likes watching football and basketball. She listens to Codplay but she doesn’t like One Direction, Justin Bieber and country music.

The opinions American people have about France :
Elizabeth knew Alsace before coming this year, because her school organized a trip to France. She likes France a lot, and Elisabeth speaks a little bit of French. She likes the buildings, some of the food and the history of France. She thinks the landscape of France is pretty. Elisabeth saw the Eiffel Tower two years ago, and the Americans in general think of Paris :" This City is so romantic." In America, the clichés about France are that we eat bread, cheese and that sometimes we are not friendly !

We also asked questions about American cliches :
Elisabeth doesn’t like Junk food and she likes Coca-Cola but she doesn’t drink it. In America 1/3 people are obese. In America the houses are big but just outside the City. She says High School isn’t always like in the series, they don’t sing all the time but in High Schools there really are cheerleaders for example !
Elizabeth left Strasbourg at the end of April. So we wish her good luck for the future !